Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mac & Lightning McQueen

About a week ago, hubby and I headed out for our date night. As usual, nothing planned, just out to enjoy quiet time away from our 4 munchkins.  So, I asked if we could stop by Big Lots, I heard that they had some of the Cricut Cake cartridges as low as $15.  I did find one and I also found this "CARS" one for $25.  I felt compelled to buy.  Well, I had forgotten about it until yesterday, when my 5 year old picked it up ecstatically and yelled out "Lightning McQueen Mommy!!!"  He asked me if I could make him a "decoration".  Aww, how could I say no to that sweet request?  I opened up the packaging so he could better look at the box.  I figured he wanted McQueen, but alas, he chose Mack! My almost 4 year old chose McQueen, so of course I can't do 2 of the same, which would have been much easier to do.

Here is Mack, cut at 4" using most of the layers available.  I used a black pen to add accent to the grey pieces (grill and his upright exhaust pipe).  Instead of cutting out the "Rusteze" emblem for the hat, I just used "Goldenrod" Stickles where the Cricut lightly cut the hat at.  I also used "Platinum" Stickles on the backs of his mirrors, head lights and the splash guard.  "Silver" Stickles was used for the little mirror up by Mack's nose (the piece that was cut for this spot was lost).  "Black Diamond" Stickles was used to highlight the top of the exhaust pipe and the lug nuts of the front wheel.  "Xmas Red" Stickles was used (freehand) to color in his tongue.  Blue glitter glue from "studiog" was used for his eyes.

Lightning McQueen was cut at 3.25" using most of the available layers.  Stickles used: Golden Rod, Orange, Silver,Blue and Platinum.

Just for the record, I spent over 2 hours on these "decorations".  So, with all that effort and time invested in these 2, I decided to use my "YourStory" and laminate them so they last longer than 2 hours.  Well, the good news, they are still in one piece (each), however, the monkeys have already forgotten about them with 15 minutes of being handed them. *SIGH*

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