Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Treats

So, Valentine's Day is tomorrow. I personally don't celebrate this holiday, but my children do at their school. With that said, I wanted to share the little projects I worked on to help them celebrate with their friends.

This first picture is the treats my Freshman daughter will give to her close friends and my boys will give to their teachers.  I can't take credit for this project's originality, someone else posted a pic similar on their Fb wall and my DH sent me the link, for all I know it's on Pinterest.  I liked it so much, I felt the need to replicate as best as I could.  For this project I used: red construction paper (cut down to 4.5" x 4"), ATG 714 glue gun, ROLO candies, black card stock cut into strips of 1/8" and tapered at one end, black curling ribbon (I didn't measure the length), Stampin' Up die for the tag (sorry, I forgot the name/number).  I ran glue along the 4" ends as close to the edge as possible and I added 1/2 a strip of glue about 1/2" in from one end to stick the black "fuse" on. Line up the ROLO candy to the edge of the paper and roll, make sure you get the fuse in there before closing the dynamite all the way. For the teachers, I ran the ATG along the side of one ROLO and stuck the 2 sticks together, then I ran the black ribbon through a punched hole on the die cut and wrapped the ribbon around several times.  Knot the ribbon and curl the ends. BAM! Instructions for the singles are similar, minus gluing to the other "stick". Surprisingly, my older kids thought these were really cool. *Yay! A pat on the back for mom!*

Below are tags I made for my 2nd grader's classmate treats. I used vellum paper (cut down to 3.75" x 2 1/8"). However, to make things easier, I used a (discontinued) Stampin' Up rolling stamp with flourishes with silver ink and decorated the vellum BEFORE cutting it down to size. Next, using black Craft Smart dye ink, I stamped the "to/from" over the front of the tag. I let this dry overnight to ensure it wouldn't smear.  Using a heart shaped punch, I cut out as many hearts as I could from pink construction paper and used the ATG to attach to the front of the tag. My son filled in the to/from parts and the tags will be stapled to fruit snacks.

For these treats below, I used the same decorated vellum pieces and pink hearts, but since the Kindergarten kids only need to have the "from" name on the tag, I swapped the stamp out for this "For You" stamp I had on hand. I wrote my little one's name on the pin heart, then ran the ATG across the name and adhered the heart to the back side of the vellum tag, to give it a different look.  I also used Real Red ink pad from Stampin' Up for the stamped image.  These tags were stapled to the front.

I hope you enjoyed this entry. I enjoyed getting back into my craft room, it's been quite a while.

If you happen to celebrate Valentine's Day, I hope it's a great one for you. If you don't, have a great day nonetheless.  


Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Cards for a group home

So a friend here in my community wanted to do something nice for others with her children. They decided to donated cards & treats to a local elderly group home knowing a lot of them have been ignored or forgotten by their family members. This breaks my heart. She asked us friends if we'd like to help donate, she needed about 155 cards/treats, so I said yes. I used a card making kit I bought on clearance at Michaels about 3 or so years ago and never opened. Until today. I only used the die cut pieces from the one kit (only 2 pages worth of die cuts), my glue runner gun, pop dots, 1 sheet of 8.5x11" vellum paper, 3 sheets of card stock cut in half, a Stampin' Up roller stamp (flourish) and a lilac colored ink.  I popped out all the dies, inked the edges, started grouping them together and originally created 4 cards. Once I figured out what color I wanted to use for the card base, I rearranged the dies to better fit each card and ended up adding a 5th card. I just glued everything into place and voila!

Here is the card makers kit I used the due cuts from.