Friday, October 14, 2011

Autumn Sign

I wanted to paper craft,     BAD! I haven't had the chance this week with life and all the cleaning that comes with being a mom of 4 young kids. (I'll probably say this a lot in future posts, sorry. I love my kids a ton, I just have to make time to craft after caring for the kids, housecleaning and getting my fledgling candy business going.)  Anyway, I wanted to make a sign to put inside my house. Here is what I have put together so far......

Using random sheets of paper from "The Uptown Paper Collection" by Corina Nielsen, I cut 1', 2" and 3" strips of 12" paper.  For the 2" & 3" strips, I had to cut 2, since a single strip glued end to end will NOT connect and then flip to make the rosette.  Next, using my new MS score-board, I scored using every other line until I finished each strip. (Note: to save time, I was able to double up these papers when scoring, but it won't be that easy if you use card stock.)  After all the strips were scored, I glued the strips to their own ends, making a ring, remember the 2" & 3" strips need to have 2 strips glued to make larger rings.  Once the glued ends dry, working on a flat surface, stand the ring upright, carefully push the top edge down into the center towards the table, don't crush the fan folds. Now, take a circle punch (2" seems to work real well) and punch out several pieces from scrap paper, it won't matter, these aren't meant to be seen once completed. Take a circle punch, add adhesive, I used Tacky Glue, generously to the surface of the punched circle. Now, taking your fan-fold rosette, carefully center your circle to the backside of your rosette and hold in place for about a minute, applying light pressure.  Once the glue starts to set, you can set it aside and place a light weight on it to ensure it will hold while you work on the rest of the rosettes. I let mine dry over night.

Here is a view of the backside of my rosettes, I ended up using 1" circle punch, which was a bit too small, that's why I suggest the 2" punch, or even a 3" if you've got it.

Next, using an Olive sheet  from "Earth Tones Textured Cardstock" by Best Occasions, I cut out the word "Autumn" from the ProvoCraft "Cursive 101" cartridge.  The "A" is cut at 5" and the rest is cut at 3".  

Clean up the letters and decide how you want them to lay out among your rosettes. Once decided, glue the rosettes together accordingly, so as not to squish the letters too close to each other.  Then, adhere the letters to your rosettes. You'll need to apply light pressure again to get these letters to stick. I used a couple of  small yellow notepads across the letters.  Let dry.

Next, you can put these rosettes on card stock in a layout fashion, but I wanted mine on the wall and since my walls are a white-ish color, I stuck them onto vellum with glue dots.  (The vellum will blend into my walls.) I trimmed off the excess vellum, just in case and added the rest of the rosettes for added color, besides, they were already made. Buttons, which I never use, but have on hand, were threaded using white mercerized crochet cotton from Creative World Traditions purchased at Michael's and then double knotted. The buttons were then adhered using more glue dots.  (The thread was cut at varying lengths to go along with the varying sizes of the rosettes.)  Lastly, Lime Green glitter glue from Studio G (found at Michael's) was applied to all the letters for a little bling.  You know I can't do a project without bling, hahahaha!

Here is the finished project.

(Sorry about the lighting, my iPhone decided it was too bright to flash.)

Happy Crafting!

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  1. I can't believe I haven't followed you before??? Love your rosette Autumn project and I'm glad I could be on this hop with you guys. Claire