Monday, October 3, 2011

Art Philosophy Boxes

While going thru my Art Philosophy cartridge looking for a project to do for an upcoming blog hop, I decided to play with a few of the boxes that are offered in the cart.  Here are the ones I cut out.
The paper used is from American Crafts, Bookshelf is the oval-dotted one and Amplified is the multi-colored striped one.  Each box was cut at "fit to page" which ended up being 11.5" or 11.75".

Below, is the box you can find on page 24 of the handbook using the "shift", "font layer" and "square6/ dragonfly" keys.

The next 2 pics are of the box found on page25 of the handbook.  Again, you will use the "shift", "font layer" and "rectangle4/star2" keys to cut this out.

This next pic happens to be of my favorite box so far!  I believe it's called a "Gable Box", but I could be wrong.  This one is found on page 22 of the handbook using the "shift", "font layer" and "oval1/snowflake1" keys.  This box has 2 openings: exterior ones have the ribbon pulled thru and tied, the interior one has a set of flaps that interlock. Too cute! I may be using this particular box for my handmade truffles.

Here is a picture of the "Gable Box" opened. You can see the notches for interlocking the interior flaps into place.  Cute, right? I am loving this cartridge more and more!

When I get a little more time, I will add the other 6 boxes onto this blog.  Have a wonderful day and Happy Crafting!

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