Thursday, September 29, 2011

My daughter's Birthday Invites

As usual, my card is fairly simple. No Cricut machine was used. Just white card stock, red card stock, black lettered packing tape I found in the clearance aisle at Michael's ($0.30/roll), and black curling ribbon.  Oh, and my ATG714 gun.

Before I start on the card, I have to say, my daughter L O V E S black! Ugh! I wanted to make her happy by using black, but I had to add color to it so it wouldn't seem so morbid. Also, notice, NO BLING! That was her major request, "Mom please don't make it all sparkly." :( Sad little me, but I obliged.  On to the card.

The white card stock is cut at 4.25"x5.5" each. The red card stock is cut at 3"x5.5". First, I hand wrote the "You're Invited" to get an idea of where the papers would sit on the card. Then I adhered the red cardstock just underneath, Afterwards, I aligned the black packing tape to the bottom of the invite, overlapping on the red.  Lastly, I cut about 12" of black curling ribbon and made a bow. The bow is adhered with permanent roll tape (the red kind), tiny pieces are placed behind each loop and the center knot to ensure no slipping.  I added the invite info to the backside, but you don't care about that. ;)

That's it!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Hi Lisa- You have a really cute things going on with your blog... I really like what I see, these invites are so cute too. I will be your newest follower and if you hop on over and follow me too...
    TFS on your precious crafting...