Friday, September 2, 2011

My Son's Book box

This week in our parent packets from school, we were informed that the Kindergarten kids would need to decorate a box that they can store all the little paper booklets they create and decorate throughout the year.  It was suggested to use a shoebox or even a little plastic tote, but alas, I just threw out our last shoebox out on Monday, oops.  Luckily, I had a premade box sitting on my floor so I grabbed it, tape runner, cardstock, and letter die cuts.  I added some ribbon to the box flaps prior to covering them using 1/8" sticky tape so that they will last the usage.  I also reinforced the corners and bottom seams with packing tape so they won't tear off too quickly with being taken in/out of their storage spots.  I had an old package of die cut letters lying around, so I used those to label the box just for my son.  He knows how to spell his name, so he'll be able to find his box quickly.

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